The Founder of Flexcin International


Tamer Elsafy, President and Founder of Flexcin International, began manufacturing and marketing supplements in 1997. His business grew rapidly in the following years but he did not feel fulfilled. He desired to formulate a product that would truly help those in need.

His Grandmother’s Arthritis Pain:

The Problem

He noticed that his grandmother was in a great deal of pain rendering her mostly immobile and confined to her home. She had grown tired of conventional pain-killers and drugs that masked the pain rather than reverse it. Inspired to help her, Tamer began developing a joint supplement that included a combination of ingredients designed to attack joint pain from every angle.


A Possible Solution Discovered

During research, Tamer happened upon scientist Harry Diehl and his discovery of Ceytl Myristoleate (CM8®). In 1999, under the guidance of doctors and nutritional experts, Tamer set about to develop a supplement formula so pure and effective that it would relieve the symptoms of joint pains and arthritis. At the time, none of the products on the market included this clinically-proven substance, as most were just basic combinations of glucosamine and chondroitin. Tamer decided to make CM8 the main ingredient of his comprehensive formula.


Did it work?

After his grandmother tried the supplement, he realized the amazing efficacy of this extraordinary formulation. She was active again and enjoying every minute of life.  In 2000, Tamer founded Flexcin International to provide this revolutionary supplement to the public so everyone could experience the benefits of a pain-free lifestyle, just like his grandmother!

What about pets, too?

dogIt wasn’t long after Flexcin hit the market that Tamer began to receive numerous emails, letters and phone calls from customers requesting a pet formula. Many customers had actually been giving the Flexcin supplement to their pets and were seeing fantastic results. Being an owner of a dog afflicted with arthritis himself, Tamer developed Flexcin in a chewable tablet form and administered it to his Pomeranian, “Tiny”. After a few months, the symptoms of his arthritis had diminished. From that discovery, in 2005 Tamer decided to develop FlexPet for the public. Sadly, Tiny has passed away, but he remains our official mascot.

Forever Missed R.I.P. “Tiny” 4/12/12

Why Should You Buy Flexcin?

We are your Joint Health Experts!

At Flexcin we want people (dogs, cats, and horses too!) to live pain free lives, free from suffering due to joint pain. The idea for Flexcin started when our founder felt helpless watching his grandmother suffer from arthritis pain. Since then our mission has been to help others like her, with their pain.  We do this by offering a range of joint supplements, yes, but we also want to help those in need by providing them with as much valuable information as we can to help them live pain free lives. Informed people tend to be healthy people and we are here to be your joint health experts!

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