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Top 11 Sports Injuries

  • Ankle StrainFlexicus_headway_32px

  • Hamstring Pull

  • ACL TearFlexicus_headway_32px

  • Groin Pull

  • Patellofemoral SyndromeFlexicus_headway_32px

  • Shin Splints

  • Tennis ElbowFlexicus_headway_32px

  • Lower Back Pain

  • Rotator Cuff TearFlexicus_headway_32px

  • Plantar FascitisFlexicus_headway_32px

  • Achilles StrainFlexicus_headway_32px

Flexicus_headway_32px=Flexicus has a positive effect.

The First Joint Supplement for Serious Athletes

Flexicus is the culmination of 50 years of research into enhancing flexibility, increasing joint strength, and relieving performance-impairing joint pain. Unlike other joint supplements on the market, Flexicus has been formulated specifically for performance-focused athletes.

In fact, Flexicus is the FIRST product designed to improve strength, power output, and overall athleticism by targeting joints & connective tissue. Positive results are often noticed within the first week of use and become increasingly pronounced over time. Users typically experience increased range of motion, improved overall flexibility and joint elasticity, accelerated healing of old joint injuries, and a marked increase in overall physical performance. Flexicus is used by a wide range of high-performing athletes – from hardcore bodybuilders and powerlifters to professional fighters, extreme rock climbers, and competitive cyclists. No matter your sport, having healthy, lubricated joints and strong connective tissue is essential to conquering plateaus and breaking through to the next performance level. 

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If you engage in any kind of regular competition, you can’t afford to be out days or even weeks with an injury. Even if you don’t get a full blown injury you need to make sure you are able to put in the maximum effort every singe day if you are going to be better than the next guy.  You don’t want to even think about going easy out of fear of doing damage to your joints during training.